YRM Submission Policy

Are you a composer and/or arranger who is considering Yelton Rhodes Music as a potential publisher? The following suggestions and information may help inform your decision:


Yelton Rhodes Music is a publisher of choral music primarily meant for the concert stage. If you are a songwriter who is pursuing representation in the music recording industry, we are not able to help you. YRM does NOT accept materials for solo songs. Neither do we offer the means to arrange your solo songs for choral performance.


We celebrate eclecticism and are proud to publish a wide variety of choral literature. You are encouraged to browse our catalog in order to get an idea of the kinds of titles and topics we publish. Doing so will help you decide whether or not YRM would be a good fit for your music.

Quality of writing and artistic merit are not the only factors YRM evaluates when selecting new publications. We also carefully consider the degree to which we'll be able to find a market of performance for any given work. Having been in business for nearly 20 years, we've become better at determining what types of music resonate best with our particular customer base. Consequently, there are certain topics and genres of choral works that will garner our interest more so than others.


As the leading publisher of LGBT-specific themed choral music, we are extremely interested in considering original works along those lines. If they are upbeat and/or humorous, all the better!

Whether for Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Winter Solstice, our customers tend to respond really well to original compositions they can program on their holiday concerts. Music that is upbeat and/or humorous is of special interest.

Although we are happy to review choral arrangements of traditional Christmas carols and songs, they MUST be in the public domain. And if we've already published a particular song or carol, we're not likely to publish yet another one unless it is extremely distinctive and different. So, please search our catalog first to determine what we offer.

Our customer base usually prefers sacred music with universally-shared themes, as opposed to music that is specific to any one particular religious doctrine or practice. Messages of tolerance, love, gratitude, peace, fellowship/family, meditation/prayer, and appreciation of nature and beauty are of special interest to us.

YRM is less likely to publish the following:

Vocalises and music that utilizes Latin texts are lowest on our priority list for publication consideration. Also, with the exception of holiday music, pieces for chorus and a group of accompanying instruments greater than three usually don't find much appeal with our customers.


Yelton Rhodes Music no longer accepts printed paper scores and CDs sent in the mail. We now require writers to submit their materials digitally via e-mail to sales@yrmusic.com with the subject heading "SUBMISSION." Please send the following items:


Current writers may submit one piece at a time, but new writers must send at least 3 choral works (no more than 5) for their first submission to YRM. The reason for this request is that we prefer to represent composers and arrangers who have established an interest in choral music beyond just a one or two-time endeavor.

Scores MUST be digitally notated using either Finale or Sibelius (scans of manuscript scores are NOT accepted). They should look as professional, readable and beautiful as possible. YRM only does minor adjustments to page layout and other cosmetic tweaks; we do not do extensive editing nor corrections. So please make sure your submitted scores are of publishable quality with all tempo indications, dynamics and other expression/performance markings included.

Please submit scores as PDFs.


If you are not the author of the lyrics used in your composition, and the text is not in the public domain, you are required to include documentation of permission to use the text from the writer or copyright holder. The author's signature and address should be included. It is best to submit this document as a PDF. Alternatively, the author may e-mail us (sales@yrmusic.com) directly stating her/his permission to use the text and have it published by YRM. The subject heading should be "SUBMISSION: Text Permission", and the body of the e-mail should state the title of the piece and the composer.


An audio recording (MP3 preferred) of each piece submitted is required from all writers submitting to YRM for the first time. It is not necessarily required of existing YRM writers, but it is still highly recommended because a recording carries a lot of weight in the review process.

A performance done by a live chorus is better than a MIDI realization. It proves that actual singers have worked through the piece, and that you've been able to either confirm your choices, or make revisions where necessary. Also, a live performance is almost always the best showcase.

MIDI realizations are acceptable, but keep in mind that merely outputting the audio from your Finale or Sibelius file oftentimes doesn't capture musical expression and nuance of tempo fluctuation very well, and choral/vocal synth sounds and samples can be unwieldy. So, if you prepare a MIDI realization, please take time to finesse the details and make it as polished as you possibly can.

If there is a video clip on-line (YouTube or Vimeo) of a concert performance that you'd like to include, please include the link.


If you have scans (PDFs) of programs from concerts featuring your submitted piece(s), please attach them!

5) BIO

If you are submitting to YRM for the first time, please share a brief, one or two paragraph bio about yourself. We'd like to know a little about you!

Include your submission materials as attachments in an e-mail to sales@yrmusic.com with the subject heading "SUBMISSION." YRM will send you a confirmation that we've received it. Our next review will take place in spring of 2015, so please be patient!

Thank you for considering Yelton Rhodes Music as a potential publisher of your music!

Info about Submissions

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