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Licensing Information

We offer licenses-to-copy in situations where retail prices are prohibitive for a chorus with a small budget.. Our standard fee for octavos is $1.00 per copy. Contact us for pricing on the larger scores

We also commonly offer licenses-to-copy to Canadian and European choruses where shipping, tarrifs, and delays might otherwise prevent performing the work.

In some situations, we are able to create PDF files (read with Adobe Reader) and email them to you in situations where mailing a master copy would take too long. We have found faxing music rarely gives satisfactory looking music, and we encourage choruses to consider this option.

Reprinting of lyrics for an individual song for programs or compact discs is normally $25.00. Contact us for pricing on printing multiple lyrics.

For permission to obtain mechanical licenses to record works in our catalog, we are under contract to use the Harry Fox Agency in New York for all such agreements. Note that this ONLY applies to works where the copyright is held by Yelton Rhodes Music Publishers (BMI) or Barton Rhodes Press (ASCAP). For all other works, you must contact the copyright owner (Holly Near, and some of Ruth Huber's music for example).

Should you have other questions, call us at 323) 512-8512 email us at: sales@yrmusic.com

Licensing Info

yrmusic.cominfolicensing info
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