Looking for YRM's latest offerings of holiday music (both sacred and secular)?

Downloadable PDFs (1-3MB)

Women's Chorus
2010 Holiday Music for SSAA

Mixed Chorus
2010 Holiday Music for SATB

Men's Chorus
2010 Holiday Music for TTBB

We've made the search easier for you by offering a score sampler of our newest choral music for the holidays. The samplers feature both original works as well as arrangements of traditional carols. You can save time (and a tree!) by downloading the samplers for free (as PDFs). They're available by voicing: SSAA, SATB and TTBB.

Each sampler contains several pages from each score along with the lyrics written in full separately. We hope they save you time and money with the perusal process as you put together your concert program. And to further entice you to check out this handy resource, we're offering a special 15% discount on any of the works featured in the sampler! Just send an order request via e-mail any time during 2010, in quantities of 12 or more per item, and be sure to mention the sampler in order to receive the discount. (This offer is good through the end of 2010, and is not applicable to orders sent on-line through the website. You must e-mail your order to us so that we may apply the 15% discount. Offer not valid in combination with other sampler discounts or the YRM overstock inventory sale. Music distributors and resale dealers are not eligible to receive the special sales price.)


Downloadable PDFs (1-3MB)

Mixed Chorus
New Christmas music for SATB (2006)

YRM's 2006 Christmas Sampler for Mixed Chorus is still available for download. Inside the sampler you'll discover original compositions and arrangements by the following composers:

2005 Multi-Traditional Holiday Samplers

Check out 2005's musical offerings for your Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa or Winter Solstice holiday programming needs.

Downloadable PDFs (1-3MB)

Women's Chorus
2005 Holiday Music for SSAA

Mixed Chorus
2005 Holiday Music for SATB

Men's Chorus
2005 Holiday Music for TTBB

You'll discover original compositions and arrangements by the following composers:

2002 Multi-Traditional Holiday Samplers

Downloadable PDFs (1-3MB)

Kwanza & Solstice Music
Christmas & Hanukkah

Mixed Chorus (SATB)
Hanukkah, Kwanza & Solstice
Arrangements of Christmas Carols
Spanish & French Christmas Music
Original Christmas Music

Hanukkah, Kwanza & Solstice
Arrangements of Christmas Carols
French, Latin & Spanish Christmas Music
Original Christmas Music

Our 2002 Multi-Traditional Holiday Samplers are still available for your perusal. They include many of the best-selling holiday works in the YRM catalog.

There may be those who dismiss the phrase "multi-traditional" as having the same kind of negative baggage as the phrase "politically correct." Yelton Rhodes Music, however, embraces it as a term that celebrates diversity. With an increasing awareness of different cultures and religions, choral concerts for the holidays have been adapting a more varied approach to programming.

In these 2002 Multi-Traditional Holiday Samplers you'll find a broad range of music that appeals to various holiday celebrations from Kwanzaa to Christmas to Hanukkah to Winter Solstice. They also include folksongs not just from the English language, but from Spanish, Hebrew, French and Ladino as well.

Thank you for your time, and your business!

For the Spirit

Downloadable PDFs (1-4MB)

SATB Current Feature
6 - For the Spirit (2013) (3.8 MB)

Still available for download:
5 - YRM's 15 Best Scores for UU Worship 2009 (2.5 MB)

4 - New Artists 2006 (1.3 MB)

3 - Family (1.5 MB)

2 - Beauty (1.3 MB)

1 - Peace (1.6 MB)

Church choruses of all faiths typically have to program frequent performances throughout the year. As an helpful aid Yelton Rhodes Music offers topical samplers that feature music from the part of our catalog we call "For the Spirit."

Here's our latest offering:

For the Spirit (2013)

Part of YRM's mission is to publish "music with a message that promotes inclusiveness and tolerance of the broad spectrum of human nature."

Our approach to spirituality in choral music falls right in line with that objective. Most of the choral scores featured in this sampler are recently published works... but we also included a couple of older gems which you may not previously have perused. Together they provide a diverse collection that we hope will prove to be a valuable and informative resource!

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