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Clif Hardin (b. 1955)

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Clif Hardin is currently working full-time as Music Director at River Road Unitarian Church in Bethesda, Maryland. The highly accomplished adult and children's choirs at River Road have been an inspiration to him and have provided a wonderful opportunity for his development as a conductor and composer.

Clif has taught at Montgomery College and has been involved in many Washington area theater productions. He holds degrees from Oberlin Conservatory of Music (piano performance, studying with Peter Takacs), the Shepherd School of Music at Rice University (MM in choral conducting, studying with Samuel Jones), and has recently completed his doctorate in choral studies at the University of Maryland, (working with Paul Traver). He also served as pianist and conductor of Singers for all Seasons, the outreach chorus of the Choral Arts Society of Washington, Norman Scribner, conductor. In several months, Clif hopes to finish editing his Requiem and have it made available to a wide audience.

Clif finds life's greatest meanings through writing music, experiencing music with others, running, and most of all, being with his family.


Music by Clif Hardin
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