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Robert J. Callaghan (b. 1950)

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Robert Callaghan born 1950 in Sacramento, CA. He lives with his partner in Reno, NV. Graduated from Humboldt State, Arcata, CA in 1978. Occupation is piano tuner/technician. Other activities include all things in nature: hiking, swimming, camping, hot springs.

(Notes about the arrangements by Mr. Callaghan.)

The first Lullaby, My Sweet Little Baby by William Byrd, is from a five part SSATB madrigal. It is part of a larger Christmas work, but now is mostly performed on it's own. I found it while looking for seasonal music and decided to arrange it.

I wanted to have a sacred piece in my portfolio, so I decided on Mozart's Ave Verum Corpus. Although it has been transcribed for men before, it is usually just a transposition to a lower key (too low for my taste, making the basses "growl Although this is transposed from D major to A, I moved the inner voices around to accommodate their voice ranges. It is a bit darker than the original SATB. The 1st tenor and bass lines are pretty much intact. I think this would be a good addition to the library of a chorus that does church music regularly.

The third one is Wagner's Pilgrims' Chorus from Tannh‰ user was the largest production of the three. I think is arrangement is special because I actually arranged the accompaniment. All I have ever seen is piano reductions of the orchestra, resulting in a overload for the accompanist. In this I attempted to make the piano sound symphonic and clearer, and much more playable for the accompanist. I think this will make the Pilgrims' Chorus accessible to many men's choruses who would otherwise shy away from it because of the accompaniment.

All these recordings are live. The motorcycle at the beginning of the Pilgrims' Chorus was not part of the score!


Arranged by Robert J. Callaghan

YR9201 Ave Verum Corpus,...
YR9202 Lullaby, My Sweet...
YR9203 Nessun Dorma
YR9200 Pilgrims' Chorus

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yrmusic.comartistsbiosRobert J. Callaghan
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