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Jeff Langley (b. 1951)

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Holly Near and Jeff Langley have been working together for over 30 years. They met in high school and have maintained a creative collaboration ever since.

Langley brings to the union his training and talent in the classical world but he also has a strong sense of community and feels that music, no matter how sophisticated, must maintain a link to humanity. His sense of harmony and dynamics are a powerful part of his work whether in a folk song or in an opera.

Near brings drama and world vision to their work. Near has a lovely sense of melody and is not stuck in form. She is a prolific lyricist and has a deep understanding of the theatrical nature of music and of life. She has a great sense of humor and an ability to tell an old story with a new twist. Her work in the international peace movement has taken her to cultures around the world. Near is also known as one of the pioneering forces behind the development of contemporary feminist and lesbian music.

Nearly 500 songs between them, they continue to write together and with other co-composers. Near wrote a one-woman show, Fire In The Rain-Singer In The Storm, which had a limited run in New York Off Broadway. Langley has written an opera and is now completing a musical theater work based on the book, Way Past Cool. He has also arranged over a dozen songs for choral performance.


Music by Jeff Langley
Arranged by Jeff Langley

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YR4303 Icicle Blue
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YR4300 Our Love is Soari...
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YR4307 Perfect Night
YR4803 Snow Days
YR4304 Song of the Solst...
YR4805 We've Met in Pla...
YR4806 What a Night!

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