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Jennifer Oates (b. 1973)

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Jennifer Oates, Ph.D., is Associate Professor at Queens College and the Graduate CenterĖCUNY and Head of the Music Library at Queens College. In her research, Oates focuses on nineteenth- and twentieth-century British music, particularly Scottish art music, Scotland in Music, and the music of Hamish MacCunn and Sir Granville Bantock. She recently completed the first biography of the MacCunn for Ashgateís Nineteenth-Century British Music series (to be published in summer 2013), and produced a scholarly edition of MacCunnís overtures for Recent Researches in the Music of the Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Centuries.

Oates has received various awards, including the 2004 Ralph Vaughan Williams Fellowship and the Music Library Associationís Walter Gerboth for research (2003). In addition to presenting at national and international conferences, she has published essays and articles on British music, information literacy, and music librarianship in Europe, Empire and Spectacle in Nineteenth-Century British Music, American Choral Review, Studies in Musical Theatre, College Music Symposium, Music Reference Services Quarterly, and Opera Journal. Oates earned her masterís in musicology from the University of Kansas, a Ph.D. in historical musicology, a masterís in library and information studies from the Florida State University, and a bachelorís of music in voice from the University of Oklahoma.


Arranged by Jennifer Oates

YR6M11 Four Songs of Lov...
YR6M12 Love Charms
YR6M11.4 Night
YR6M11.3 O my love, leave ...
YR6M11.2 On a Faded Violet
YR6M11.1 Whither?

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yrmusic.comartistsbiosJennifer Oates
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