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Paul Des Marais (1920-2011)

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Paul Des Marais was born on June 23, 1920 in the state of Michigan, but lived in Chicago during his early years. Prior to the second world war, he studied composition with Leo Sowerby and piano with Edward Collins at the American Conservatory of Music. For a few months prior to his induction into the armed forces, he studied composition with Nadia Boulanger at the Longy School of Music in Cambridge, Massachusetts. Having served in the army from March of 1942 to December of 1945, he was admitted to Harvard University and graduated magna cum laude in 1949. Awarded a John Knowles Paine fellowship, he lived and worked (not too intensively) in Paris for the first year and in Naples for the second.

Upon receipt of the MA in June l953, he was appointed Instructor in Music at Harvard University for a three-year period. In l956 he joined the faculty of the UCLA Department of Music where he taught until his retirement in 1988. Music related awards include the University of California Institute of Creative Arts award for l964-65, the Phoebe Ketchum Thorne award for l970-73, and the 2000 Lester Horton Award for outstanding achievement in music for dance, for Cuirass.

Selected Compositions by Paul Des Marais
Piano Sonata, 1947
Mass (text from the Latin liturgy) 1947
Piano Sonata, 1952
Motet for mixed voices, cellos and doublebasses, 1959;
Psalm 121 for mixed voices, 1959;
Theme and Changes for harpsichord, 1953;
Capriccio for two pianos and percussion, 1962;
Epiphanies, a chamber opera with film episodes, 1968;
Reflections on Faure, for high voice and piano, 1972;
Three movements for two pianos and percussion (for performers), 1975;
Organum 1-6 for chorus, organ and percussion (1972, revised, 1980);
Brief Mass for chorus, organ and percussion, 1973;
incidental music to Dryden's A Secular Masque, 1976;
incidental music to Shakespeare's A Midsummer Nights Dream, 1976;
incidental music to Sophocles' Oedipus, 1978;
LateSongs for high voice and piano, 1978;
incidental music to G. B. Shaw's Saint Joan, 1980;
Seasons of the Mind for chorus, piano four-hands with celesta, 1980-81;
incidental music for Dryden's Marriage a la Mode, 1981;
Triplum (dance music) for organ and percussion, 1981;
incidental music for Shakespeare's As You Like It, 1983;
incidental music for Etheridge's Man of Mode, 1984;
Touch for two pianos, 1984;
Baroque Isles, the voyage out for two keyboards and percussion, 1986;
Orpheus, a theatre piece for narrator and instruments, 1987;
Slowsong, for high voice and piano, 1987;
The French Park for two guitars, 1988;
Paradise for mixed voices, 1995;
Night Words for mixed voices and organ, 1995;
My Asia, three songs for high voice and piano, 1996;
The Light in the Eyes, three movements for men's voices and piano four-hands, 1996;
Angel for men's voices and piano, 1998;
Dances before God(studies for Harald Kreutzberg), 1999;
Cuirass, music for John Pennington, 2000;
Family Dinner, music for animated film by Michele Bury, 2000;
Everything Moves, three songs for high voice and piano, 2001.


Music by Paul Des Marais

YR2107 Angel
YR2111 Everything Moves
YR2105 Light In the Eyes...
YR2105.2 Moment, The
YR2109 My Asia
YR2105.1 Mystical Act
YR2105.3 Poem (Love Song)
YR2105.3C Poem (Love Song)
YR2110 Search, The
YR2106 Seasons of the Mi...
YR2108 Slowsongs
YR2101 Twenty-Third Psal...

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