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Jennifer Covert (b. 1974)

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Jenny Covert has been creating music all her life, (singing, playing, jotting down tunes and lyrics) but not formally composing until 2006. Born in Sycamore, Illinois, she grew up in a musical family full of singing and playing – both at home and in the community. Jenny loves to play piano, dabbles with percussion, and has been a member of the women’s chorus, “Bread & Roses,” for nearly 15 years. In 1996, Jenny earned a Bachelor of Science Degree in Education which she currently puts to use employed as a Student Aide at a local elementary school.

In between work, leading her daughter’s Girl Scout Troop, gardening, starting (and sometimes finishing) household projects, helping with homework, and singing with “Bread & Roses (whew!), Jenny somehow finds time for her true passion: composing and arranging choral music! Her themes range from: empowerment and love, to nostalgia and everyday life, while her lyrics and melodies venture from heartfelt to comedic. Jenny’s works most often include piano accompaniment, but she also enjoys involving string, woodwind and percussion instruments in her compositions.

Jenny now lives in Huntley, Illinois with her wonderfully supportive husband Isaac, her two smart and talented children, Abby and Parker, and their cat, Dot. She owes much of her composing success to her Mother (and chorus director) Peggy Safford, and to the encouragement from her sisters-in-song (and musical guinea pigs) Bread & Roses.


Music by Jennifer Covert

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