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Herb Bielawa (b. 1930)

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About Herb Bielawa:

As a kid of 8 or 9, I wanted to learn to play Lady in Spain on the accordion. Parents said. ìOK, but learn to play the piano first, then the accordion.î Piano lessons began but I never returned to Lady of Spain. My first composition for organ and piano was written at age 15. Pre-medical student after high school, but grades didnít make the grade. Next was a trial year in the Music School of the University of Illinois where I just continued on for two degrees in music (Saved a lot of lives thereby.) A doctor degree in Music came later from the University of Southern California.

From 1965 to 66 my job was to compose music for bands, orchestras and choirs in seven high schools in Houston, a Contemporary Music Project of the Ford Foundation and MENC, simply writing music everyday. Professor of music at San Francisco State from 1966 to 1990. A member of the Ilona Clavier Duo and director of Sounds New ensemble for new music. As a director of choirs in Los Angeles and San Francisco many new original choral works were composed for various occasions. The Unitarian pieces ñ Prayers and Meditations - were written for the choir of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Berkeley.


Music by Herb Bielawa


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yrmusic.comartistsbiosHerb Bielawa
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