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Georgeann Weaver (b. 1944)

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Born in 1944 in Manchester, Connecticut, Georgeann settled in the Boston area after graduating from Boston University in 1967 with a Bachelor Degree in Music Education. She taught music in public schools for two years before raising her family. During the next several years she stayed very active in music by teaching piano, conducting various choirs, composing on a small scale, and singing in the Masterworks Chorale, a 120 voice ensemble which performs in Cambridge, Mass.

Between 1972 and 1979 Georgeann was the junior chioir director at Plymouth Church in Framingham, MA. During this period the choir grew from 9 children to 56, eventually forming two choirs.

In 1977, she founded FIT AS A FIDDLE, INC., a program of music, exercise and entertainment designed for the elderly. This program continues in Massachusetts and is now being expanded in Tucson by her husband, David.

In 1990, Georgeann made the decision to become less actively involved in the performing aspects of FIT AS A FIDDLE and devote her time to composing with the full realization that it would take a few years to "find her way" in this new field. She tried various styles of composition while learning new skills and slowly came to the conclusion that, for her, composition needed to be an expression with a social message. The first major piece written with this objective in mind was "I Am Your Child" -- A View of Refugee Children Around The World. In its original format, this was a multi-media production that included slides of refugee children (from UNHCR, CARE), fourteen songs for youth choir, a solo dance, and a script based on a letter exchange between children in Weston, MA and children living in a refugee camp in Zimbabwe.

Most of her other compositions reflect Georgeann's personal feelings on issues. Examples are as follows:

"A Native American Song Cycle" for baritone and piano is an attempt to make available in a recital setting some of the wonderful Native American texts and sayings that so poetically express current environmental and social concerns.

"Reflections on Death and Life" for SATB is written in a requiem style with an emphasis on moving through the stages of grief and experiencing a time of peace and acceptance.

"A Most Unusual Boy" is a musical written for children on the childhood of Jesus. The attempt here is to make Jesus a very real boy with whom children today can find meaning.

"Blessed Are The Peacemakers" is a cantata for SATB chorus and organ based on some of the beautiful scriptures representing all of the major world religions, emphasizing the common thread between them.

Several anthems as well as solos and larger works have been performed in the Boston area, Hartford area, the Vermont Composer's Consortium and Unitarian-Universalist Fellowships in Falmouth, MA and Tucson, AZ.

Georgeann has two sons and a daughter (both sons are professional musicians ... one plays French horn with the Gulbenkian Symphony in Lisbon, Portugal, the other son is principle bass with the Memphis Symphony). Georgeann and her husband adopted their grandaughter when she was five months old and are now raising a very active almost eleven year old. They are very busy homeschooling her and learning a lot. They call it "creative retirement".


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