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Peter & Lou Berryman (b. 1947)

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Lou and Peter have been friends since 1963 when they met in art class andsoon thereafter began their musical partnership in the first of a longseries of bands. They learned the roots of their trade by playing music fromfolk to musical theater, from blues to polka. A growing repertoire oforiginal songs gradually replaced the borrowed material, and Peter and Lou'sunique style was born.

In this style Lou's formal musical training and Peter's fascination with language give support to their humorous andfresh perspectives on the human condition. Their friendship survived a briefmarriage many years ago, and the musical duo as it exists today became afull-time professional dream come true in about 1977. Since then they haveperformed all around the country, playing accordion and guitar and singingtheir constantly expanding mixed bag of original songs.

Due to alife-long habit of do-it-yourself-ism, Lou and Peter control almost everyaspect of their musical career, handling their own management, booking,promotion, recording, and distribution. This keeps them in personal touchwith their presenters as well as their fans, and avoids layers of confusion.Thusly having worked in all aspects of the business, they are very aware ofthe difficulties faced by their presenters, and do their best to remain easyto work with and eager to assist. For example, they have amassed a 5500 namemailing list and send out four mailings every year, which has proven toboost their attendance figures considerably.

Answers to any questions, all sorts of reviews and all of their recordings are available upon request from:

Lou & Peter Berryman
PO Box 3452
Madison, WI 53704
(608) 257-7750


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