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Nancy Lau (b. 1958)

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Nancy Lau's (b. 1958 in California) music has been described by many as very lyrical and natural. She discovered her love and talent for music early in life: she was born with "perfect pitch," and at age four was able to play nursery rhymes on the piano by ear and was soon creating her own arrangements. In 1990 she began studying classical composition and pedagogy with Dr. Norman Weston at Saddleback College in Orange County, California. Ms. Lau has also studied contemporary songwriting with Beverly Bremers and Harriet Schock. She has written music for piano, for children, and many chamber works (one of which took first prize in the Music Association of California Community Colleges Composition Contest).

Ms. Lau currently composes primarily choral and vocal music. She finds the medium her favorite because it has the ability to inspire and speak to the audience by combining music and poetry. She has written many sacred and secular works, always making sure to select texts that truly touch the heart. Her music is already attaining critical acclaim and has been performed in several states. While performing locally, she also has a full teaching studio of piano students who regularly perform her works and arrangements.

Ms. Lau resides in Southern California with her husband and two children.


Music by Nancy Lau

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yrmusic.comartistsbiosNancy Lau
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